Maren Hogan

Maren Hogan

Maren Hogan is interested in virtually everything social media but particularly in how it pertains to the acquisition and management of talent. (Okay, end the part where I write about myself in the third person). I love all things related to design, distribution and attraction. I have not figured out exactly what my title should be but I currently serve as a marketing and new media consultant to several companies.

My dive into the world of talent acquisition (and consequently social media) came through the family business, an executive search firm. I started my old blog Big O Recruiting, as an homage to my current hometown, Omaha, NE and to try and address the dual focus of technology/IT and Recruiting. This blog will cover broader company strategy, marketing tactics, community building, talent attraction and new media (if I dare). But there will still be local flair from time to time.

You can see my writing, videos, and other nonsense at Fistful of Talent,, HRM Today, Brazen Careerist , Experience Project, Travel Blog Exchange, and

Personal Life: I have a wonderful husband Jeremy and together we are raising three amazing boys: Jackson, Quinlan and Rocky Finn. We live in Midtown Omaha (shout out to Clairmont Heights!). We belong to the AMAZING Waypoint Church, which is changing the way we “do” Christianity. I’m a California Girl, he’s a boy from Duluth, MN. Don’t ask how we ended up here. I have a great TRIO of parents (blended modernistic familia thank you) and loads (actually four) beautiful sisters, not even counting Jeremy’s amazing parents, and his sisters and their hubbies. So, suffice to say, I am blessed with tons of family.

I love travel, interior design, typography, singing, dancing, meeting new people, chips and salsa, cooking, eating, fashion, social media, business strategy, promotions, connecting people, technology (even when I don’t understand it!), writing, reading, graphic design, video editing, event planning, networking, what I do and a lovely dinner with good friends. (Obviously this is not an exhaustive list!)