Use Your Words

I run a marketing consultancy. That means that I market for a lot of different companies in the B2B space. That means I am sometimes asked (not tasked) to make complex subjects a bit simpler. My job is to make purchasing or even talking about YOUR product easier for the customer, the client, the blogger, whatever.

Here’s my issue. Today I saw a huge ad, with animation and probably a crap ton of analytics behind it measuring my eyeball movement or something and the words were:

“Unleash your power in the cloud.”

Well sign me UP! Look I know what “cloud” means and I get that there are probably people that want to break free from their cubicle like a Baskerville Hound and just get all unleashed up in there. Why not? But how many times have you been scurrying through your day and your boss said: “Hey there, can you please put down what you’re doing? We have an immediate mandate from the top to unleash our power in the cloud.”

Zero times.

I know that part of marketing is being there with some dynamic shizz when people are ready to buy and that B2B marketing is especially rife with land-mines like procurement, purchasing committees, budgeting timez and more but do we really have to make up things? Or can we say, ‘look this is product A, it helps you do this thing that you actually do, faster or better or splattered with pink glitter.’

I’ve never been a CIO, so maybe they do run around wondering how they can be more powerful, more strategic, more spirited! But what I think they really want and/or need is a product that does what it’s supposed to do. And whoever paid for that stupid ad is more than welcome to see me anytime at Red Branch Media, we’ll A/B test a couple of actual sentences and see what happens.

I run a marketing consultancy. That means I have a lot of clients with not a lot of time because they are busy building useful things. That means I do not have time to make simple products into abstract things that only Zeus would buy.