Twittercide, Rockstars and Hot Fresh Resumes

I hate my job. Chances are, your employee has never said that to you. Chances are, you’ve never asked. How do you hire the right people in the first place? How do you keep employees engaged? How do you turn around a troubled employee?

All I have to say is that spam better not kill Twitter. I have recently become a Twitter addict and if spammers mess that up, oooh! I see a fairly easy solution. Just unfollow and block. Say it with me: unfollow and block.

How to find only fresh resumes in Google. Very nice Jim Stroud!

I really, really, like the unvarnished “this is what I think and I’m not looking for links in all the wrong places” take of William Tincup. Here he profiles Rockstar Recruiting, Marcus Mindte’s project, which is really fun and super intuitive (plus it’s red and black like Lohan used to be). Strange that I should be linking to Marcus, since he and I just had a very heated discussion about who was Jason Davis’s (oooh, backstory) honored guest at Kennedy. He lost.